about us: Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Our devoted staff and board of directors work tirelessly to find every animal a happy home.

Executive Director: Patsy Murphy

Development Director: Risa Bridges-Hall

Director of Operations: Jess Townsend

Business Manager: Joanne Majka

Community Relations Manager: Jeana Roth

Event Coordinator: Kate Griffith

Foster Care Coordinator: Ann Eagan

Volunteer Coordinator: Sophia Bahlkow

Donor Relations: Andrea Presby

Operations Support Specialist: Liz Lord

Feline Manager: Sarah Ashe

Feline Care Technicians & Adoption Counselors:  Jennifer Brown, Cindy Collins, Ellin Doyle, Molly Draper, Amber Holivan, Destiny Kennie, Carolyn Martin, Felicia Mazzone, Peggy Seymourian

Off-Site Feline Coordinator: Kristen Nadasdi

Kennel Manager: Kathleen Fobear

Canine Care Technicians & Adoption Counselors: Mandi Arnott, Jennifer Flanigan, Andrea Jarrett, Shaun Merrill, Amber Robinson, Peter Viola, Bonnie Waterman

Small Animal Care Technicians & Adoption Counselors: Beth Auger, Michelle Jackson, Peter Viola

Guest Services Manager: Lynne Cooper

Guest Services Representatives: Danielle Berry, Rick Hardman, Karen Merrill, Bronson Thurman